General Chemistry Handouts: Fall 2017

Metric Relationships to know

Metric Conversions -set One (9 metric conversions)

Metric Conversions - set Two




General Chemistry Handouts: Spring 2017


Formula/Formula Mass Worksheet (Formula Writing/Mass)

The Mole Grid ("The Mole")

Mole/Grams Conversions....the first conversion problem set (Mole Conversions 1)

Mole/Particle Conversions (5 particle conversions)

Mole/Liter Conversions (6 liter conversions)

Mole Vial Activity dry lab (mole vial)

C-Mole Conversions 22 on-line problems

Template for the Mole Conversions Online Assignment (above)

% Composition Lab (Lab-% C)

% Composition Lab part 2 (hydrate pt. 2)

Last Mole Conversion Assignment ( last mole conversion half sheet)

Stoichiometry Assignment 1 -- do 15 problems, write equations and show math ((15 mole ratio stoichiometry problems)

Stoichiometry Assignment 2 -- do 15 problems. Don't copy the chemical equations this time. (Stoichiometry 3 step problems)

Stoichiometry Assignment 3 Click here for the template: Template for Stoichiometry Assignment 3 (on-line Science Geek)

Stoichiometry Assignment 4

Decomposition of Baking Soda Lab

3.0 grams of salt lab (salt lab)

Gas understanding and element crossword --- This assignment is only available in the classroom.

Gas Problems -- combined gas law (15 questions) (Combined Gas Law)

Gas Problems -- ideal gas law (12 questions) (ideal gas problems)


Molar Mass of Buane Lab

Lab-Phase Changes

Lab--Inverted flask

On-line heat problem set Template (heat math online Science Geek)

Lab--Mass of Metal and Calculation Template. (print both)

Lab--Bunsen Burner Temp. (Flame Temp)

Phase Change Worksheet

Heat Practice Quiz

Candle Lab Dry Lab

DOTS--dot diagrams

Bonding--Polarity and IMF

Size of Molecules and Intermolecular Attractions

pH Lab











General Chemistry Handouts Page -- Fall 2016

The "Sticks" Lab

Matter Review Questions--click HERE --- shapes? Click HERE

Laboratory Safety

The Atomic Structure Chart--PNE

PNE Definition Map

Flame Test Lab


Electron Configuration Worksheet with Web Reference

Atom Visualization Questions

EXTRA CREDIT --- Words with Element Symbols

4 Electron Configurations 12 points

The Halogen Lab

Atomic Radius Graph and Questions Click Here for Data: CLICK HERE

Ionization Energy Graph and Questions Click Here for Data: CLICK HERE

Electronegativity Graph and Questions Click Here for Data: CLICK HERE

Cut and Paste Formula Make-up Sheet

Formula Writing In class 10 point assignment. (Do Column 1)

Formula Writing Homework 10 point assignment (Do Column 2)

Equation Writing Homework sheet 1

Two Page Equation Review

Equation Lab