General Chemistry Handouts: Spring 2018

Adv. Bio Webquest 4/9/18

Gas Law WebQuest 4/9/18

Balancing Equations Sheet V1

Balancing Equations Sheet V2

Balancing Equations Sheet V3

Balancing Equations Sheet V4

Solubility and Precipitation lab handout and data

Equation template for the Solubility and Precipitation lab

Reaction Type Cut and Paste

Lab--Reaction Types


The Mole Grid ("The Mole")

Mole Vial Activity dry lab (mole vial)

Mole Conversions Assignment 1

Mole Conversions Assignment 2: 22 on-line problems

Template for the Mole Conversions Online Assignment (above)

Mole Review

Empirical Formula Lab

Stoichiometry Assignment Template Template for Stoichiometry

Decomposition of Baking Soda Lab

3.0 grams of salt lab (salt lab)


Combined Gas Law Problems

Gas Law Assignment --- Do numbers 1 - 12 on page 1-2 and 1 - 5 on page 3

Thermochemistry Problems Set One - Phase Changes





General Chemistry Handouts: Fall 2017

Metric Relationships to know

Metric Crossword

Metric Conversions -set One (9 metric conversions)

Metric Conversions - set Two



Mixture Lab (separation lab) conclusion help

Mixture Lab (separation lab) conclusion help

Measuring with sig figs

25 minute do now:  Click on the link and play the quiz.   Write one fact about each element.  Do 20 elements. Template

The Atomic Structure Chart--PNE

PNE Definition Map

Flame Test Lab

Electron Configuration Homework (starts with Fe) (with the boxes)

Average Atomic Mass Weighted Average

Electron Configurations

Sublevel Sheet two

Atom visualization

Spectroscopy lab part 1(knowns) and part 2 (unknowns)

Getting to Know the Periodic Table

Graphing -- Atomic Radius the GRAPH

Graphing -- Electronegativity the GRAPH

Periodic Table "Graph Reading" Activity


Gas Problems -- combined gas law (15 questions) (Combined Gas Law)

Gas Problems -- ideal gas law (12 questions) (ideal gas problems)














General Chemistry Handouts: Spring 2017


Formula/Formula Mass Worksheet (Formula Writing/Mass)

The Mole Grid ("The Mole")

Mole/Grams Conversions....the first conversion problem set (Mole Conversions 1)

Mole/Particle Conversions (5 particle conversions)

Mole/Liter Conversions (6 liter conversions)

Mole Vial Activity dry lab (mole vial)

C-Mole Conversions 22 on-line problems

Template for the Mole Conversions Online Assignment (above)

% Composition Lab (Lab-% C)

% Composition Lab part 2 (hydrate pt. 2)

Last Mole Conversion Assignment ( last mole conversion half sheet)

Stoichiometry Assignment 1 -- do 15 problems, write equations and show math ((15 mole ratio stoichiometry problems)

Stoichiometry Assignment 2 -- do 15 problems. Don't copy the chemical equations this time. (Stoichiometry 3 step problems)

Stoichiometry Assignment 3 Click here for the template: Template for Stoichiometry Assignment 3 (on-line Science Geek)

Stoichiometry Assignment 4

3.0 grams of salt lab (salt lab)

Gas understanding and element crossword --- This assignment is only available in the classroom.



Molar Mass of Buane Lab

Lab-Phase Changes

Lab--Inverted flask

On-line heat problem set Template (heat math online Science Geek)

Lab--Mass of Metal and Calculation Template. (print both)

Lab--Bunsen Burner Temp. (Flame Temp)

Phase Change Worksheet

Heat Practice Quiz

Candle Lab Dry Lab

DOTS--dot diagrams

Bonding--Polarity and IMF

Size of Molecules and Intermolecular Attractions

pH Lab











General Chemistry Handouts Page -- Fall 2016

The "Sticks" Lab

Matter Review Questions--click HERE --- shapes? Click HERE

Laboratory Safety

The Atomic Structure Chart--PNE

PNE Definition Map


Electron Configuration Worksheet with Web Reference

Atom Visualization Questions

EXTRA CREDIT --- Words with Element Symbols

4 Electron Configurations 12 points

The Halogen Lab

Atomic Radius Graph and Questions Click Here for Data: CLICK HERE

Ionization Energy Graph and Questions Click Here for Data: CLICK HERE

Electronegativity Graph and Questions Click Here for Data: CLICK HERE

Cut and Paste Formula Make-up Sheet

Formula Writing In class 10 point assignment. (Do Column 1)

Formula Writing Homework 10 point assignment (Do Column 2)

Equation Writing Homework sheet 1

Two Page Equation Review

Equation Lab