Advanced Chemistry Handouts--2016-17

SPRING Semester


30 Equations for Fun and Points!

Mole Review fill in the blank and problems

"in class" mole problems 2/13/17

Mole Review Problems

Empirical Formula Lab dry lab

Equation Lab Handout

Hydrogen Lab Handout

100 gram stoichiometry problems Answers

46 minutes of Stoichiometry Fun/Excess Fun Answers

Gas Problems -- combined gas law (15 questions)

Gas Problems -- ideal gas law (12 questions)

Challenging Problems for Fun and Intellectual Stimulation


Other handouts from previous years

Equation Sheet number two --- Some Review Equations

Mole Grid

Mole Problem Set One --- 9 problems

Fun with Moles

Stoichiometry Science Geek---SHOW work for all of these problems.

Challenging Problems for Fun and Intellectual Stimulation

Heat Problems

15 Combined Gas Law Problems

Ideal Gas Law Problems

Salt Lab

Baking Soda Lab

Equilibrium/Rate Review page 1

Equilibrium/Rate Review page 2

Some Relatively Challenging Problems for Students Who Like toThink......Answers

Acid Test Review


FALL Semester

Atomic Structure Chart PNE Grid

Light Problems with answers

More Atom Questions

Quantum Number Worksheet ANSWERS

Introductory Periodicity Questions

Halogen Lab

Precipitation/Equation Lab --- Linked under "homework."