Unit Outline --- Kinetics and Equilibrium

1. Rate Laws

2. Equilibrium Concepts

a. LeChatelier, stress and shifts of equilibrium

b. Equilbrium problems in which equilibrium concentrations are given. (AT)

c. Equilibrium problems in which initial concentrations are given (BEFORE--ice)

d. Equilibrium problems in which you are given initial and equilibrium concentrations and are asked to find Kc. (Blend)

e. Equilibrium problems that require determination of Q in order to find which way the system proceeds as it moves to equilibrium

3. Solubility Product

a. Use Ksp to find maximum solubility

b. Use maximum solubility to find Ksp

c. Use Ksp to predict precipitate formation.


Kinetics review GCAA



Kinetics/equilibrium review sheet

Kinetics/equilibrium review sheet answers


See the equilibrium section of the course outline for more review!!